Kontum Diary: The Journey Home --

When an American soldier seeks to return a forgotten diary to its rightful owner across continents and after twenty-five years - two former enemies are inspired to carve out an enduring friendship and a private peace.

This film chronicles the momentous meeting between U.S. Army combat veteran Paul Reed and North Vietnamese Army combat veteran Nguyen Van Nghia, author of the poetic diary, and follows the two men as they undertake an odyssey of forgiveness and reconciliation. The film documents the first known account ever of a North Vietnamese Army officer receiving treatment of war wounds in the United States. Filmed in color, contains black & white footage from Hanoi film archives.

Narrated by Peter Coyote (Execution of Justice, Random Hearts, Patch Adams), the film shows parts of Smith's earlier version (Kontum Diary) but also captures Nguyen van Nghia's trip to the United States for treatment of war era wounds.

Makes an excellent companion to the Kontum Diary book.

As seen on PBS--VHS--Color/b&w--60 minutes.         

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